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Organic ’Huxbaby for New Zealand Kids

If you’re looking for something unusual, consider Huxbaby from our New Zealand store or online. Huxbaby offers seasonal releases of organic, ultra-comfy boys, girls and unisex designs–definitely, the brand that provides the coolest threads for your little people. Their minimalist designs are beautiful while proving hard-wearing and durable enough to survive countless trips through the wash...

Huxbaby Clothing - Responsibly Sourced and Safe

Bambini takes ethical manufacturing seriously. It’s increasingly important to ensure that we all use responsibly sourced products. Our friends at Huxbaby design organic kids’ clothes you’ll love. Their creations are super-comfy, luxurious, hard-wearing, and 100% safe.

Sustainable and Environmentally Conscious

Human environmental impacts are becoming more pertinent for industries worldwide, and the fashion industry is no exception. Huxbaby takes these concepts to the next level.

The textile industry is undisputedly responsible for its fair share of pollution, from herbicides and pesticides to toxic dyes and chemicals used in the finishing process. Huxbaby goes to great lengths to ensure ethical material sourcing and sustainable manufacturing - safe for its workers and the planet. Strict labour processes safeguard the well-being and fair remuneration of their staff.

Huxbaby Clothing brings you the ultimate minimalist and charming kids’ clothing designs. The outfits look and feel super luxe on the skin, making for a comfortable favourite in OTS (Global Standard gGmbH) certified organic cotton.

Where to Find Huxbaby in NZ

You are what you wear, so make it fun! Although stores worldwide stock beautiful kids’ clothes, you don’t always know where the textiles come from or if their manufacturers employ ethical labour practices.

Our Huxbaby range is Australian-designed, and all textiles are top quality. Huxbaby’s simple yet stylish design philosophy will ensure your child feels and looks good.

Huxbaby for Wellington Kids and many Other Brands

We are a proudly NZ, family-owned business based in a beautiful store in Wellington. If you’re too far away, don’t be concerned - we sell online 24/7 to more than eight countries worldwide. We are passionate about customer service, and whether you deal with us online or visit us, we’ll let you feel like part of the family. We are committed to supplying premium quality, ethically sourced, and manufactured organic products that are as good-looking as they are safe.

Our beautiful store stocks an extensive range of kids’ clothing, shoes, toys, and books. We aim to keep mums and bubs dressed in the comfiest clothing possible. Plus, we have more than Huxbaby in our Wellington store. We also stock beautiful, high-quality, organic womenswear from Sweden.

Being the Best We Can Be

Our commitment is to supply safe and comfortable organic kids’ clothing and do our best for our customers. Pop into the store to find Huxbaby clothing or contact us today to ask about our offering.

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