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Bobux New Zealand Cares for Little Feet

We don’t consider optimal foot health often enough, but perhaps we should when it comes to our kids. Bambini proudly stocks Bobux. NZ kids and parents love our shoes and, like us, believe that happy feet are healthy...

Comfortable Designs for Proper Foot Development

Bobux make shoes specifically for children’s feet. They are stylish while ensuring little explorers remain comfortable at every stage of their development. These adorable shoes cater to specific foot health needs, proven by a unique ‘Stage not Age’ design approach.

Bobux shoes source the best materials for manufacturing, and extensive quality control ensures optimal fit, comfort, and breathability. This brand keeps babies and toddlers happy throughout the day, and they’re cute to boot. Bobux has researched every stage of children’s foot development extensively, and they work with leading podiatrists when designing their range.

The Perfect Fit for Every Stage of Development

It’s a little-known fact that children’s feet still grow into their mid-teens and often don’t develop fully until the late teens. We usually deem feet fully grown at approximately 13 – 15 years for girls and 15 – 18 years for boys. Still, it remains vital to have shoes that allow feet of all shapes and sizes to develop naturally into adulthood.

Bobux NZ specifically develops their baby shoes with industry-leading soft sole technology, allowing babies’ feet to develop naturally and without restrictions–as if they weren’t wearing shoes. This trend shines through in the Xplorer range of Bobux baby shoes, which protect while retaining enough flexibility to move with your little one’s feet.

Popular Ranges

The Step Up Range

This category features sturdier soles for outdoor adventures while providing a comfortable, snug fit for chubby feet. Their design is perfect for first walkers from around ten months and up.

The i-Walk and Kid+ Ranges

For toddlers, pre-schoolers, and kids, Bobux NZ developed this range from the sole up to ensure maximum strength, protection, durability, and comfort for active kids.

Bobux NZ manufactures comfortable, breathable, attractive, and durable shoes for all stages of children’s foot development. Besides being comfortable and robust, these shoes look as good as they feel. Podiatrist-approved and award-winning Bobux shoes are guaranteed the best comfort for your child. Bobux is the only footwear your child will ever need with every aspect of foot development, from baby to active kid considered.

A Range of Stylish Footwear for All Tastes

At Bambini, we stock an extensive assortment of Bobux shoes so your kids can enjoy optimal development in style. Pop into the store or contact us today for more information about our expansive inventory.

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