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Our 5 Top Tips For Buying Infant Clothing

Your baby deserves the absolute best when it comes to what they wear next to their delicate skin. If you know the best ways to shop for infant clothing, you’ll be able to dress your baby in outfits that are high-quality, pleasantly comfortable and completely adorable.

By thinking about and following the helpful tips in this article, you'll find the best baby clothing for your little one - first time.

So, what are some key things to keep in mind when purchasing new clothing for your infant, and where can you find top quality baby clothes in New Zealand? 

5 Things To Know When Buying New Clothing For Your Baby

We all know some of the essential tips and tricks we should follow when shopping - for example, look for quality, compare the value of the different items you're considering, and so on.

However, because babies and small children need specific kinds of clothing to keep them safe and cosy, there are some key things to think about when buying infant clothing.

When browsing for comfy and safe clothing for your baby, keep top of mind, the following five tips:  

Think about Size as well as Age

Babies grow so quickly, and buying a cute outfit for your child only for them to outgrow it in a few weeks can be very disappointing. New Zealand and Australian sizing allows for larger babies than those in many other countries - our average baby weight and height is just that wee bit greater than for example, a new baby of the same age born in China, Japan or France. Unless a baby is born early, a kiwi kid of average birth weight will be comfortable in NZ and AUST size 0-3M (MONTHS), and be too big for Newborn, within just weeks.

So if your baby is on track to being born at average weight, choose more items in 0-3M, and maybe just one or two Newborn sizes. If you know you're having a larger than average baby, avoid Newborn altogether and get a couple of items in 0-3, and more in 3-6M. Two tall parents is often a sign to avoid the Newborn sizes. Have a couple of basic options in 0-3M for those first days, and go for more 3-6M. 

Look for Clothing that Is Safe And Practical

When looking for the cutest infant clothing, sometimes we forget that babies don't yet know what is safe and unsafe for them. Certain kinds of clothing can pose a danger to small babies - for example, clothing made with poorly placed buttons or hooks can be hazardous. If not well sewn, or if stitched where little fingers can grab them, or where they can get close enough to suck on, those pretty buttons or hooks could get dislodged, becoming dangerous choking hazards.

Not all buttons are unsafe - look for high quality, reputable brands you can trust. Good baby clothing will have buttons that are steadfast and that are flat to the fabric, so they don't become a plaything for busy baby fingers.

Buttons to the back of baby sleepwear can also pose a risk - they may interfere with baby's deep sleep, as even though a newborn is light enough not to feel pain from a misplaced button getting between them and their mattress, just a mild irritation felt on their sensitive skin can be the reason they are jolted out of their rest, and you might be left wondering what the cause is. If baby is waking for none of the usual reasons, check the clothes they are sleeping in. Look for snaps or buttons that could be a pressure point. Poorly hemmed and too small necklines are also things to watch for. Overall, when buying clothing for your baby, it's best to prioritise safety over looks. Here at Bambini, we believe you can have both :)    

Keep Comfort in Mind

Once you know that the clothing you are looking at is safe for your little one, then it's time to think about how comfortable they are.

Babies have delicate skin, far more sensitive than adults, and rough fabrics, and fabrics treated with certain chemicals, could give them rashes and upset them. It is generally recommended to get infant clothing made of softer, natural materials like cotton, fine spun natural bamboo (sometimes referred to as bamboo linen) and superfine merino wool. These silkier fabrics will be more comfortable for your child and will protect their delicate skin, without causing unpleasant rashes or irritation. 

Think too, about easy changes for baby, especially in those early days. Keep them comfy, and not too hot or cold, with soft, breathable clothing that isn't a struggle to put on or take off.

Layers are a great idea, as you can take a layer off if the weather is warming up, rather than having to take everything off and start again. Necklines that slip over baby's head with no fuss, bodysuits / growsuits with a single zip (zipsuits) or quality snap fasteners that are super quick to open and close - these are all great options. Envelope necklines are ideal for easy dressing. Equally, kimono style tops and bodysuits allow for quick, fuss free changes.

Drawstring pants are a brilliant layer, and they lend themselves to sizing up just by turning up the soft cuff. Pop them over a bodysuit (or onesie) to keep the nappy and everything else in place - you can keep baby covered and cosy on top, while changing their nappy -  helping avoid sudden drops in body temperature. Even quite minor changes in temperature can be upsetting for newborns, who aren't yet able to adjust for those changes themselves.

Check Where Clothing is being Shipped From

When purchasing clothes online, always check where your order will be shipped from. If the clothing you've just ordered online is to be drop-shipped, it’s very possible that the clothing itself hasn’t been manufactured yet and will be sewn together once you make your order. This opens up the possibility that the seller will manufacture your clothing with the cheapest possible materials, in factories with sometimes dubious labour credentials. Poor quality, mass-produced fabrics are often treated with the chemical formaldehyde, a skin irritant, not easily washed out, and certainly not ideal for baby clothing. Here at Bambini, more than 80% of our baby clothing is made from natural, organic fibres - and all our fabrics are guaranteed free of formaldehyde. 

Buy from a Reputable Seller

With the previous tips in mind, check your infant clothing is coming from a reliable seller who really cares about their customers. Companies and teams who are passionate about what they do - like us here at Bambini - will go out of their way to offer you top quality, great value products that do not disappoint. Look for reputable, reliable sellers, who put your baby’s comfort and safety - and you - at the heart of everything they do.

Where You Can Find Cute And Comfortable Clothing For Your Child In New Zealand

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