Summertime is officially here, meaning it’s the perfect time to encourage more outdoor play.

Getting out in the fresh air and amongst nature feels good for all of us and is no different for our rangatahi. In fact, many aspects of outdoor play can provide crucial learnings for our little ones.

Exploration and Adventure

Hape compassWhen it comes to outdoor play, our little ones are natural explorers. Toys  can encourage them to explore their natural curiosity of the world while helping them develop skills that will last a lifetime.

Hape make a great range of exploring toys including a real working compass set which is perfect for teaching them basic orientation skills and is a great way of getting them involved in family walks. The compass even features a mirror on the back to signal with, and a carabiner that can be attached to their backpack for safekeeping.

For creative, open-ended outdoor play, why not create an outdoor mural? Tiger Tribe Chalk is designed for little hands and are perfect for creating a sidewalk masterpiece or a colourful game of hopscotch with friends!

Physical and Mental Development

Wishbone bikesWishbone balance bikes are designed right here in Wellington. Their original 3 in 1 bike is ideal for rangatahi from 12 months to 5 years old and are designed to grow with them. Babies can walk with the Wishbone bike, then take it out for a spin around the park. As they grow and their coordination improves, the bike can be converted to two wheels where they can have fun learning how to balance.

For added fun, fit their 3 in 1 bike with a Wishbone Cargo Bin, perfect for carrying little essentials or for bringing their favourite toy with them on their adventures.

Getting them started on a balance bike as soon as their feet can touch the ground will bring lasting benefits to their walking and running and will improve their spatial awareness and comprehension of limits. All while having fun!

Protection from the Elements

Keeping their delicate skin and heads protected from the sun is so important, especially during the hot summer months.

For their skin

Babu sunscreen is made in New Zealand and is safe to use on babies from 6 months old; it’s a favourite for many NZ families and it’s easy to see why.

It has a high SPF factor (30+SPF) and is made from organic ingredients of coconut oil, jojoba and evening primrose oil, with a natural papaya fragrance that smells so sweet!

Not only does it protect against UVA and UVB rays, it is also soothing and gentle on your baby’s skin and doesn’t leave stains on their clothes.

For their heads

Toshi sunhatsToshi sunhats come in a wide variety of patterns and styles that offer great coverage for all ages.

Their Baby Flap Caps are made from 100% cotton jersey which offers a comfy, flexible fit, with the flap on the back providing some all important extra coverage for their necks.

For older children, their classic Sunhats are a stylish and practical choice, made from 100% cotton, with a broad and well-structured brim that offers increased sun protection. The head tie creates adjustable sizes and the chin tie with toggle offers ease of wear and makes them easy to secure.

For their feet

Salt Water SandalsGo from sand to sea seamlessly with the original Salt Water Sandals. All Salt Water sandals come with rust-proof buckles that can be worn in the water and washed easily with gentle detergent. They go from children’s sizes right through to adults and come in a range of colours.

They are comfortable, durable and look awesome with everything!

For water play and wetter days

Crywolf Rain Suits are the perfect year-round accessory. In Winter it keeps the little ones warm and dry on those cold and drizzly days, and in Summer it protects their clothing during water play at preschool, or on those days when the sunshine takes a break.

They are lightweight, waterproof and provide wind protection for ages 1 through to 6.